Professional speakers know that they should have social proof on their websites and this proof will help them get more speaking gigs but what a lot of speakers don’t know is that you can put logos of very well known companies on your website and it can actually hurt your chances of getting hired to speak.

How is this possible?

You would think that if you put logos of Fortune 500 companies on your website then that provides tons of social proof. And if you say you’ve been featured on ABC, Fox, etc then that would provide more social proof.

How often have you seen a speaker’s website with logos?

But here’s how logos can hurt your chances of getting booked…

Social proof only works if everything is congruent.

What do I mean?

Most speakers lie about being on TV, about the companies they’ve been hired by, and how many speaking gigs they get. But they know that if they have logos on their website then it makes them more desirable to a client and they’re missing one big factor…how they heck does the client know you’ve been on TV and spoken for those companies?

Yes…if you’ve been on TV and spoken for Fortune 500 companies then your social proof is working. But if you’re lying about it then it’s easy to see that you’re not who you say you are.

Anyone can throw up a logo on their website…but is the rest of your website congruent with it?

If you say you’ve been on ABC, Fox, etc…where’s the video? If you say you’ve spoken for all these top notch companies, where’s the video? Or what about a picture?

Go to speaker’s websites and you’ll see the logos on their sites but everything else is wrong. The overall layout of the speaker website looks bad. They don’t have video footage. And you just don’t believe them.

The second a client sees your website and thinks you’re lying, you instantly become a skunk to them…they know that they should stay away from you.

And this is how you can lose speaking gigs without even knowing it.

Clients won’t send you an email saying, “Hey we saw your website and you have all the logos of Fortune 100 companies but where’s the video? You say that you’ve been on Fox but where’s the video? Sorry, but we aren’t going to hire you because we think you’re lying about it.”

Clients won’t say that…but they will sure as heck think it.

Look…if you’re a speaker and you want to get social proof then the best proof you can have are videos and pictures of you speaking on stage.

But whatever you do, you must be congruent in all aspects of your marketing. You can have great companies names on your website but if the client doesn’t see other things that go along with it then they won’t hire you.

Focus ondating greece athens instead of putting logos on your website.