​You wake up, and then what?

Most people let life get in the way. Whether you wake up and ‘just don’t feel like it’ or whether things pop up and you have to run errands. That’s what this new video is about.

There was this girl in this high rise who asked me several questions about building and monetizing an audience. She wanted to start a skin care business, similar to what you see on YouTube with the make-up tutorials.

I started by asking her if she has anything to sell.

Because if you have something to sell, you can build faster. When you spend money on advertising, you’re building your audience and you’re monetizing at the same time.

In her case, she didn’t have anything to sell. She just wanted to grow her audience and monetize later. Ok no problem.

The first thing I told her to do was to get comfortable making videos. I walked her through a 7 figure sales process to let her see the big picture, but the next step for her was to make videos.

Do you know what happened?

Nothing. Things always came up when I asked her about the videos.

And that’s why I want you to watch this new video.

This video is harsh, but simple. In fact, it’s really harsh when you hear what I tell my friends (I’m way more direct with friends that I know won’t cry when I give them advice).

If you wake up every day, ‘not feeling like it’ or ‘things’ keep popping up, watch that video.

If you’re letting life get in the way while you’re building an audience or trying to speak on more stages, watch that video.

Sometimes you need a little tough love.