How do you keep track of your speaking gigs?

If you do the marketing right, you’re going to have too many speaking gigs to keep of. So what do you do? How do you get everything in order?

I remember when I was only doing 1 gig a month, keeping track of it was easy. You just put all the information in your head and at the last minute…you go look for the email to remind yourself of the details (a day or two before the event).

Even if the event was months away, I could keep track of it in my head (because I was just excited that I had this one speaking gig).

But then I started marketing myself as good as Snoop Dog rolling a blunt. And my speaking schedule filled up.

Even if you’re not doing at least 50 events a year, you still need to have a system in place to keep track of your speaking gigs. Because once you do start filling up your calendar, you’ll already have the habits of a pro.

It’s simple…but effective. Let me know what you think.