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Joel didn’t have a website, pictures, etc before joining the SpeakPro Academy.

But he joined in the middle of September and within 60 days he got his first paid gig. So how did he do it?

Joel has one of the top podcasts on itunes but he wanted to get some paid gigs to add to the mix.

At first, Joel did what most speakers do. He focused on things that don’t get you on stages, like ‘working on your presentation’ etc.

So we made sure to keep Joel focused on what matters…putting the systems in place that gets you on stages.

He started to put his prospecting system in place to make sure he’s contacting people the right way and then Joel went to work, making sure the small details were in place…

Once Joel had the email templates in place, now it came down to pitching the events the right way (something we also talk about in the group…a lot).

Ultimately it ended with the money in the bank (the gig isn’t yours until the money is in the bank).

Sometimes you need someone to keep you focused on what matters instead of having ‘shiny object syndrome’ all the time.

And that’s what we do inside the Facebook group, and on the calls for SpeakPro Academy members.

So if you want me to help you get on stages then make sure you become a member…