Ok this is impressive and it’s definitely not a typical result, but then again, people who get results aren’t typical. Here’s the story…

Jake is a full time speaker in the youth market (check out his website: http://www.jakeballentine.com/) and he wanted to get paid speaking gigs in the corporate market.

The question was…how?

Who should you contact?

What should you say? Etc.

So Jake got Event Finder back in November (right now it’s March). But there was a problem…

…He didn’t do anything with it.

Why? Because he was already a full time speaker in the youth market. And then Jake sent me this email…

When you do the right things and you do those things right, you get results.

Event Finder isn’t just for someone who wants corporate gigs. It’s for ANY market, ANY speaking topic, ANY location.

What is it? It’s an email outbound system. That’s it.

Why am I not afraid of telling people what it is?

Because knowing ‘what’ to do is just one step out of hundreds. Doing it ‘right’ is where the money is made. Event Finder shows you how to find and contact events the right way so you fill up your speaking schedule consistently.

Jake booked a corporate speaking gig fast because he implemented the right process.

Most people make excuses.

“Oh I don’t think it will work in my market.”

“Oh I don’t live in the U.S.”

“Oh it cost too much and I don’t have time.” (think about how much time/money you lose by not getting it right)

“Oh my toe hurts.” etc.

Imagine how many gigs Jake could have gotten already if he started in November (when he first got Event Finder) instead of starting in March (when he first implemented it).

But imagine all the other speakers who have been trying for YEARS to figure this out and still haven’t gotten anywhere. All they have to do is invest in Event Finder and they have the process for filling up their schedules consistently. Think about how many gigs they lost, and will continue to lose by not figuring this stuff out.

Business isn’t a game that’s won by trying to go at it alone.

Get Event Finder Here: