Robert Strong has been booked by companies like McDonalds, Disney, HP, Toys R Us, and the list goes on. He has traveled all over the world…getting paid gigs…and he’s a magician.

What does a magician have to do with getting paid speaking gigs?

Getting booked to speak requires the same methods as an entertainer uses…and you can get a different perspective on how to get more keynotes when you listen to entertainers.

Here are the questions Robert Strong answers in this interview…

How do you book gigs?

Why do you think they hire you over someone else?

Whats the difference between now and when you were starting? What were you doing when you were starting versus what you’re doing now?

What daily actions do you take to make sure you stay booked?

How do you find meeting planners who can afford you?

What do you do at an event to make sure you get referrals and spinoff gigs?

What’s the biggest mistake you see people making when they’re trying to get paid gigs?

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