This is an extremely important video.

This video shows you how to pitch yourself on Instagram. I’ll show you recent examples inside my DM about how people pitched the wrong way, and then you’ll see people who did it right.

Knowing how to contact someone you want to do business with is crucial.

Look at the small details of a pitch that gets answered versus one that doesn’t.

When I tell people ‘learn how to prospect’ …some of them think… “Oh so you all you do is send an email to get a gig?”

And I immediately know…

…they’re screwed.

It’s because they trivialize the process of knowing how to do it right.

Doing something, and doing it right are two different things.

This video will show you the small details that you need to pay attention to when you’re contacting someone…especially on Instagram (you’ll see people who DM me).

Master the process of contacting people in a way that gets them to want to do business with you.