I’ve gotten some hate-email from speakers who have been PISSED off. And it’s some pretty nasty stuff.

What are they saying?

“If you weren’t an entertainer, how would you market yourself as a speaker?”

Can you believe that? How crazy is that? They’re practically yelling at me.

Check out my response in the video.

I get all kinds of hate mail, but that one really hurts. How would I market myself as a speaker if I weren’t an entertainer?

…You might as well stab me in the heart.

When you watch the video, you’re going to see how I would do marketing without my ‘entertainment’ stuff included.

But just for fun…

You want to know what other hate mail I get?

… “Hey Benji, I love Brand Builder.”

… “You give away so much on Speaking Lifestyle.”

… “I’m starting to finally get some gigs.”

…”I love how direct you are”…

…and more…

Yea I know, it’s sickening. Who would send that kind of hate mail?

Watch the video on “How infotainers make all the money in the speaking business” 

(Most speakers aren’t entertainers, they’re just speakers. And therein lies the problem)

p.s. Don’t feel sorry for me with all the hate mail I get. I’ll get through these tough times.

p.p.s. But unlike other speakers, I don’t mind the hate mail…so keep sending it.