Information is deadly. It makes smart people think they’re getting things done
• Ex: I knew about phone sales but didn’t do it
• I had the sales letter, etc for over a year

We look at something and say “I can do that”
• You never know until you actually do it

The reason I don’t mind revealing so much is… it can’t be done in the right way without help

Story: I performed for free to get information at the events
• I said I won’t buy b/c I can get the free content
• I asked myself, “where has that gotten me in the past year?

Information condenses implementation
• You don’t see how long it took to get it done
• Don’t see the mastery process

Story: Michael Jordan vs High School Kid

There’s only so much you can get from ‘free’
• Information gives you the theory, implementation gives you the reality

• So many coaches, speakers, consultants, realtors, fitness trainers
• You think you’ll win against someone who learns AND implements?
* Kobe “It’s simple math, you can’t win.”

Why are there so many good singers (American Idol, etc) who don’t have a deal?

Think like this…
• It takes 1 million iterations to get it right
• Move fast … speed of implementation
• Longer it takes you to start, longer it takes you to get

Procrastination takes many forms
* “I need to research”
• Excuses “I don’t have the money, time, etc”
•be resourceful
• Content creation

We think ‘it can’t be that easy’
• We make it complicated by doing extra work

It takes longer than you think and it’s harder than you think

There’s something you’re doing wrong that you can’t see
• Unknown unknowns…it’s invisible to you (captive insurance, phantom income)
• Story: Phone sales

Feedback is the most important part of implementation
• You’re doing it wrong, how do you fix it?

Allow your environment to force you to take action
• Inevitability Thinking
• Story: Friend getting sued = me studying Asset Protection

I tell people so much b/c
• Time is removed from the equation
• Motivation is removed from the equation
• Mastery is removed from the equation
You’ll think you’re doing the same thing but be confused as to why it’s not working for you

If you’re not where you want to be it’s because you’re not implementing right or at all
• Moving too slow?
• Doing the wrong things?
• Doing things wrong?
• Unknown unknowns (ex: conversation with a friend about captive insurance, phantom income, etc)
• Psychological aspect (procrastinating, self belief, time management, etc)
• All the above

I push people b/c they need to implement
• You’re thinking too much “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” Mike Tyson
• Successful people want to be pushed, not complimented