More certainty


Dictate, don’t ask


Website “check X’s availability”


Are you ‘choosing’ or are they?

  • People with low value beg
  • People with high value choose


Don’t oversell yourself – shows them they’re doing the choosing

  • They want to book you, get to the point
  • Ex: “I’ll send you a copy of my book”
    • They would’ve hired you with/without a book


Don’t say ‘thank you for your response’ = “Thank you for talking to me”

  • Just say “Thank you” or “Thanks” = end of conversation
  • By trying to build rapport, you do the opposite by wasting their time
  • If it doesn’t add, it detracts


If my schedule were completely booked, how would I respond?

  • You would never try to ‘convince’ someone
  • Liars go into detail. Truth tellers expect to be believed

“To spell out the obvious is often to call it in question.” – Eric Hoffer

  • If you say “I’m busy” = people question it. But
  • if you say “Here’s my schedule…” = ‘busy’ becomes true


Never negotiate against yourself – How would you respond if your schedule was full?

  • Ex: His price is a lot = “Yes he charges a lot. We have to increase it every year”
    • They don’t want the cheapest, they want the best
  • ‘Lowering’ your fee doesn’t get the gig
    • ‘Accepting’ a lower fee gets the gig
      • Lowering fee = they’re choosing
      • Accepting low fee = you’re choosing


You get to the point of being in-demand, by actually being in-demand

  • Send out tons of emails, to a point where you can’t keep up