How much do you charge to speak at an event?

It’s a personal question but I want to ask you… how much do you charge for a speaking gig Depends…right?

Ok…but whatever you charge, how do you increase the speaking fee? 

Some speakers will just tell you that you just need to ask for more. But if it were that easy, then why doesn’t every speaker charge $100,000? Or $1 million? Heck, why not more a billion while we’re at it?

Increasing your speaking fee involves more than ‘just asking for it’ and in the video, you’ll see the exact steps you have to take to increase your fees.

I don’t like to ask speakers what they charge because they lie their asses off. But whatever you do charge (the ‘real’ number), then you should think about how to increase that fee.

In the video, each step of the process that’s described sets you up for the next. You can’t skip steps, but you can increase the speed in which you take them so you can charge more…faster.

p.s. The steps in the video are very simple and strategic…not theoretical.