Hey do you know what the ‘imposter syndrome’ is?

Of course you do, you’re part of Speaking Lifestyle so you’re smart. So let’s talk about the dummies that don’t know.

Most people (aka almost everyone) have felt like an imposter when marketing themselves. What happens is…you feel like haven’t done ‘enough’ to call yourself ‘the expert’ so you feel like an ‘imposter’.


You’d be surprised at how many successful people had (and still have) the imposter syndrome.

But lack of certainty in yourself will cause you to hesitate. And hesitation will kill your business.

So if you want to drop-kick the imposter syndrome and send it back to whatever hole it crawled out of, watch the video.

p.s. How do you like the thumbnail image to the imposter syndrome video? Looks cool huh? Yea, I pat myself on the back. So what.