This is a good question from a speaker…she asked,

“What’s the best way to find speaking gigs and not get turned away?”

I’ve talked a lot about the different ways to find speaking gigs in previous videos, but she said she’s constantly getting rejected.

So if you’re getting rejected, and you know it’s not because you’re ugly, then what should you do?

Here’s some more information about this speaker…

She said she’s looked for speaking gigs from similar speakers as her and reached out to where they were speaking, but to no avail.

What should she do? What would you do?

How many people have you reached out to for speaking engagements and they said to you, “No. Now leave me alone you Ogre. ”

(Ok, maybe they don’t say all that…but the end result is the same…no speaking gig)

If this is happening to you, I can almost guarantee that you’re making one of these mistakes which I talk about in the video (and how to overcome it so people hire you)