Check out the email that Josh got from an event, and think about how you would answer it:

(watch the video)

Josh is a member of the SpeakPro Academy so he posted his question in our Facebook group where I help everyone get on stages.

(you can see the question he asks in the video but it revolved around ‘how do I reply to this email from this event’)

If you know how to reply to events, then you’re more likely to get booked.

But if you don’t respond in the right way, then you’re less likely to get booked (…please hold the applause…I know…my logic is flawless)

A lot of speakers can get on more stages just by shifting how they talk to people/events.

So instead of contact 100 more events, you just have to talk ‘right’ to the events you’re currently talking to.

And this video talks about the 3 things you have to do when you’re responding to events.

(whatever you do….DO NOT copy & paste a generic script…or I will pimp slap you)