Pitching events

What’s the purpose of outreach?
-figure out if they’re qualified

It’s a conversation, not a pitch
-talk ‘with’ not ‘at’

What’s the goal of your pitch?
-Goal: To click on your website (the website sells you)
-Create curiosity
-don’t ‘teach’ in your pitch

“Thank you for the work you do as teachers…”
“I wanted to say THANK YOU. Because of teachers like you, I was able to build a business and live the life of my dreams. So…”

Selling your topic vs selling yourself
-sell the ‘experience’ of hiring you
-Why YOU? Celebrity = butts in seats, You? Entertaining? Content?

Frank Sinatra Sentence = sells YOU
-what can you say that builds credibility?
ex: List of previous clients

You talk too much
-tell them your story, etc for 5 paragraphs
-Mobile: they read on phones, make it short

Sound in-demand
Non: “Thank you for your time and response”
“I wanted to make sure I’m not wasting your time”
In-demand: “We can’t hold the date but what we can do is…”
“It will cost X. We will need to schedule the flight to leave at ____ so he has plenty of time to arrive at his event in _____”