As we reach out to events for speakers, one of the metrics we pay attention to is ‘reading time’:

This software tells us how long it will take someone to read the email pitch.

We are writing short email pitches and we will compare them to longer pitches to answer one question…does reading time matter?

With longer emails, people are more likely to scan it instead of read.

Short emails get people to read and click fast because the second you glance at it you’ve already read it.

But it’s important to never lose sight of the only metric that counts…‘gigs booked’.

If people are clicking on the short emails, but hiring on the long emails, then we will write longer emails. It’s not about them reading/clicking, it’s about getting hired.

Right now we are collecting data points. And once we have enough data we can make a decision on which emails get the speaker booked.

The key is to collect information.

Collect collect collect. Then make decisions based on the data.