When it comes to marketing, some people think I’m gifted. And I am.

But how does the rest of the world get good at marketing?

This new video shows you a really cool way to get good at marketing.

Marketing reminds me of this story between Michael Jordan and the best high school basketball player.

Michael Jordan had a basketball camp and a high school player was dubbed as ‘the best’ by ranking. And he knew it.

So this high school player was talking trash to none other than…Michael Jordan.

“I can whoop you in a one on one game. Jordan you’re old.” Said the high school player.

“Jordan ain’t got nothin on me.” Said the high school player.

“I’m going to put you to shame.” Said the high school player..

Now keep in mind, Jordan is in his 50s. But you don’t talk to Jordan like that.

So Jordan tells everyone to leave the gym and he’s going to play the ‘best high school basketball player one on one’

And do you know what happened?

Jordan destroyed the kid. He didn’t let him score a single point.

And then Jordan said, “Listen. You may be the best high school player. But I’m the best…ever.”

Jordan became the best because of…practice.

And most people don’t think of marketing as a skill the same way they do a sport.

But if you want to be Jordan, you have to practice. You have to know how to get good at the very thing that makes you money.