The more you charge, the more it’s about YOU than your speech

  • My current strategy – Build name recognition


Finland Event – Spent about 20k

  • “We thought you would charge more”


Save money in your bank (so you’re not desperate)

  • Must come from a position of power
    • Not desperate for $


Are you in the right market?

  • High schools won’t pay you 20k
  • Do they pay a lot of speakers 20k?
    • No? = bad market
    • Must be SEVERAL others, not just one or two


Do you sell what they pay (high fees) for?

  • Story: I’m a mentalist b/ mentalists don’t get 20k
    • …became a speaker
  • Motivational Speaker can get 25k
  • ‘Female Empowerment’ speaker won’t get 25k b/c they preach to the choir


Do you look like you’re worth paying high fees?

  • Website
  • Sound in-demand?
  • What are the circumstances around you? Context
    • Story: Me in a restaurant = can’t get high paying gigs
      • Context – restaurant entertainer not making much
    • What are the assumptions people make?
      • Restaurant vs White House entertainer
  • Influence assumptions = influence perception
  • At a certain point, your price is about YOU, not the market
    • Build social proof


How did they hear about you?

  • They approach you = higher value
  • You approach them = lower value
    • How ‘invested’ are they?
      • Did they watch your videos, etc?
      • Or just a one-sentence reply to your email?


Pay attention to the details of the event

  • Who did they hire before?
  • How big is the event?
  • How far in advance did they contact you?
    • Further in advance = higher value placed on you
  • They come to you? Or you go to them?
  • Have they seen you live?


How many events are you contacting?

  • Need quantity to get quality


Ask for it

  • Even if they can’t afford it, it will be a higher price than you thought