Ok you’re going to love today’s video like you love your first child.

Sarah wanted to know what I would change in her speaking business to get her on stages.

Here’s what she’s working on (and what we fix in the video)

Opt-in pages

Email campaigns

Facebook ads

And you get to see how I would change her subject (self-esteem) to fit a specific event (BlogHer) that will get her on stages.

Ultimately, this video is boss status. (Yea…I just gave myself a pat on the back because the self-esteem expert, Sarah, said so)

What you’ll notice in this video is how Sarah is doing all the right things…

…she just needs to do those things right.

It’s the difference between a chess player and a chess grand master. They’re both playing doing the right things (moving the pieces the same) but the grand master is doing those things right (moving the pieces to destroy his opponent)