Social proof is the #1 way to sell
If I could use only one method to sell anything, it would be social proof
Didn’t buy Amazon products with no reviews

It kills multiple birds with one stone
They don’t trust you? Now they do
Destroys objections
People don’t believe you, but they believe others

Different types of reviews
WOW testimonial – impressed by product/service
Transformational testimonial – it changed their life
Status Testimonial – WHO said it

Context matters
Gigs: hotel background? Outdoor?
Story: Tried to get a venue change
They need to ‘see’ themselves in the testimonial (“They’re like me”)

To get it, ask
Video reviews at events “What did you think?”
Go after quantity & quality naturally comes
Product testimonials – “Tell me your story. Before/after”

What if they don’t want to be filmed?
Move on

Use Facebook groups

How do you use them to make money?

What objections do they have in their mind?

Testimonials bring up, and destroy objections
Dave: “I didn’t buy the first time”
Gigs: “Easy to work with”

Testimonials pace & lead
“Me too”
“He prayed to God? Wow me too”
“He thought ___? Me too”

Use them for content
Case study emails/videos/podcast
“Here’s X’s result. Here’s how we made that happen.”

Post them everywhere