What do you do when you’re at an event?
-I got booked at events and that was it

Most speakers go through all the work to get hired and do nothing to get spin off gigs
-#1 way to get hired = they see you live
-referrals need to be systematic

How do YOU get referrals?

Prime before the gig
-“Do you have other events b/c a lot of my business is through referrals?”

Ask the person who hired you
-“do you have other events?”
-“who should I talk to?”

Bring a networker
-story: Branden at meeting planner event
-get testimonials but also get biz cards

Testimonials & Conversation
-hold phone in right hand
-ask about upcoming events
“If you had an event, would you hire Benji Bruce”
-then ask if they have an event or know someone

You need to get systematic with everything