I have good news and bad news for you.

Bad news: When you contact people to hire you, there a high chance that you’re not doing it right.

Good new: I’m still brilliant.

Most people sell themselves by listing ‘benefits’ of why the event should hire them.

And what happens? The people reading the email think, “This is just some template they copied & pasted. Delete!”

You need to learn how to sell yourself better but how do you do it? How do you practice it? Here’s how:

(watch the video)

When I started, I made the same mistakes because I thought I was brilliant (I really am though)

So I would email the events but none of them hired me. Why?

Eventually I smartened up (I know right?…It’s hard to think that I can get any smarter, but it happened)

The way you contact events is in direct relation to how many events you get hired for.

If you’re not getting hired it’s because you’re not contacting events the right way.

And you need to get better at it.

This video shows you how to get better at selling yourself to events that can hire you…