I’m going to show you how George got booked for $10,000…

When George first joined the SpeakPro Academy, I took a look at his website and noticed something…

He had everything he needed (videos, pictures, etc) but the design/theme wasn’t good.

George wasn’t starting from scratch (most of the speakers inside the SpeakPro Academy aren’t starting from scratch). He had all the ingredients to the recipe, he just needed to put it in the right order.

So the first thing he worked on was his website.

Now here’s where a lot of speakers get caught up.

Most speakers make excuses about how they have to wait for their web designer before they can take the next step.

But George didn’t. George used the Event Finder process to find events while his website was getting built out.

When someone else is working on your website (or anything), you shouldn’t be sitting around. You should use that time to work on the important things in your business.

It’s crucial that you’re always in ‘go’ mode. Wait for nothing and nobody.

So he started putting events into his CRM and mastering the Event Finder process.

He started to get replies from events.

But instead of going at it alone, he made sure to ask questions about how to respond.

When you pitch events, your pitch has to be very specific to them or they will ignore you. Nowadays it’s very easy to spot someone who just copies/pastes an email template.

So George made sure he used the Facebook group to get feedback…

Nobody goes at it alone. You’ll always succeed faster when someone helps you stay focused on the right things.

A few days later, George finally got his website finished…

And the rest, as they say, is history.

The reason George got his 10k check is because he took massive action and never made excuses. He focused on doing the right things and doing those things right.

If you want help getting on stages and growing your speaking business, make join the SpeakPro Academy. The longer it takes you to get this down, the longer it will take you to fill up your calendar.