Today hundreds of hackers, CIA agents, NSA agents, etc people are leaving Vegas because they had the Defcon event. And I was only there because I booked a 32k cybersecurity client to help them with their marketing…and the video shows you the follow up method I used to get the gig.

(I made sure to turn off my phone at this event…these hackers are no joke)

As you know, I use a cold emailing method to contact events/clients. Whether it’s to speak at events or to do a workshop for their team, the method is the same.

But when you’re doing cold emailing, you’ll have to follow up with people who don’t respond to you. Why? Because you never know if they’re busy and forgot to respond, or if they’re not interested.

And I found a pretty sneaky follow up technique that’s very simple but effective (as you’ll see in the video).

When most speakers follow up, they say things like, “Hey John, I sent you an email and I wanted to make sure you got it. If not…”

Or, they don’t follow up at all. And if you’re not following up, you’re losing soooooo many gigs it’s not even funny.

This cybersecurity business hired me to train their team, but it only happened because I followed up with them using the exact method I talk about in the video.

Simple…but effective.