A couple days ago I got a massage (not one of ‘those’ massages…a real one).

I asked the front desk if they knew anyone that would bring the massage table, etc and he gave me a name.

So I texted her, “Hey Kim, Carlos gave me your number….”

She said, “It’s normally $85 but I give a discount to people Carlos recommend so it’s $75.”

You hear me say it all the time…NEVER negotiate against yourself. Not only was I willing to pay $85, but I thought it would be more since she was bringing the massage table to me.

You know you shouldn’t do this as a speaker, but what happens when someone asks you for a discount?

What happens when you quote a price and they say, “Is there any flexibility in your pricing?”

This video shows you how to respond.

It’s a very simple way to respond without lowering your speaker fees.