‘Follow your passion’ is a load of crap. (Ha…if it were only that easy)

For every person following their passion and making it, there are thousands of others following their passion and not getting results.

Ask most people, “How to build a following?” And they will tell you to follow your passion.

When I started building my speaking business, I followed my passion and entered a small market that made no money.

So I kept asking myself the same question a lot of speakers ask, “How do I find my audience?”

That video shows you how to do it right.

Because if you do what I did (follow your passion) then you could end up doing what you love…but making no money at it.

And what happens when you make no money? You have to sell your kids.

…Or…You have to get a job…doing what you hate.

There’s a smarter way to go about finding your audience and it’s in the video.