Remember that commercial with the camel that said, “Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike.”

Well, that’s what I first thought of when a speaker named Mike Morisseau asked about building his audience in the finance industry. And here’s the advice I gave him on building his audience:

If you plan on creating videos to build your brand then you need to watch this.


Because I said so. Don’t argue with your elders.

(I’m 103 years old but I look pretty young right?)

Here’s the email from Mike…

“I just launched my business as a speaker so I don’t have a demo yet. I am using my vlogs to build a following and have a platform to sell an online course on either financial literacy 101 or attaining your goals. My question for you is, how should I build my brand with my vlogs?”

(you also get to see a really cool tool for creating your content when building your brand)