Everyone keeps saying, “Benji…your eyes are so pretty.” But please, stop focusing on my eyes and lets get to work.

Shela is a speaker who was trying to get gigs with Facebook ads and in this video, you’re going to see how I would change it…

You’ll see the ad Shela uses, and the landing page she sends them to.

You’ll also see my pretty eyes but please…stop distracting me.

The email Shela sent to me was simple, she said,

“I’m trying to use Facebook ads to get prospects for speaking engagements.”

Do you see the problem? I’ll give you a hint…

Right now, to build an audience, I’m spending $150/day on Facebook ads.

And at this very second…to get speaking gigs…I’m spending $0 per day on Facebook ads.

Based on that, can you guess what advice I give Shela in the video?

If you’re spending money on Facebook ads for your speaking business (or you’re thinking about it) then watch my pretty eyes…I mean…watch this video before you give a dime to Facebook.