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The other day you got an email from me that showed you what to do when you bring someone with you to film your presentations and how to get testimonials.

Someone replied with this…

“It’s not that easy to just ‘bring someone with you to get video coverage.’ Most people have other things to do in the evening or they have to work in the daytime. It becomes increasingly more difficult to get someone to get quality video coverage of you speaking, unless you pay someone to do it. No one wants to take video with a smartphone, and it’s expensive with a real video camera.”

You know what I heard when I read that?

“Excuse excuse excuse excuse excuse.”

The only thing standing in your way of growing your business are the excuses you make for why you don’t have any business.

This new video is a recording of a podcast that goes into detail about excuses and money.

I don’t know how much you’re making right now in your business, but I do know that if you’re not making at least six figures, you’re making excuses instead.

You don’t have time because you have a job and you have kids. I hear you.

You can’t spend money right now because you have to pay bills. I hear you.

You can’t bring a video guy with you to an event. I hear you.

But do you know what I hear?

“Excuse, excuse, excuse.”

I literally started with $0. Literally. No money from parents. No loans. No nothing. Just a single parent home where my mom was making $1,800 a month with 3 kids. She couldn’t give me money to start my business if she wanted.

When you start growing your business, you’ll realize that the only reason you didn’t do it faster was because you kept making excuses. “Yea but he can do it because…blah blah blah.”

Listen to this podcast because the second you stop making excuses, you’ll start making money.