Let’s Put Your Systems In Place To Get You On Stages
Put your systems in place for finding & contacting events so you can fill up your speaking schedule consistently.
Sooner or later, you have to master the ability to get yourself on stages if you want to make money as a speaker.

*Event Finder is a training program, not a CRM. Watch the video to see EXACTLY what you get (training is constantly updated)*

Event Finder will get you to a point where you can fill up your speaking schedule consistently. It works in EVERY country and with ANY speaking topic. This program shows you how to put YOUR sales process in place for getting gigs. 

Event Finder is for you if:

  • You have a hard time getting on stages
  • You’re not sure how to find events
  • You’re not sure on how to contact events
  • You want ‘word-for-word’ templates

You’re going to do just ONE thing in this program, build out a step-by-step process for getting on stages.

The level of detail you’ll get on how to find events and how to contact those events will make you feel a sigh of relief when you see how it REALLY works.

Most speakers have no idea on what steps to take to get 50 or more speaking engagements per year…because they weren’t shown exactly how.

And finding speaking opportunities is HARD when you don’t know exactly what to do.

One of the most frustrating parts of any speaking business is when you KNOW you have a great presentation, but you can’t get on stages to deliver it…and you know what?

At some point, you have to fix your lack of speaking opportunities because it won’t fix itself.

Just think about it, if you don’t get this part of your business right then nothing else works. A business without leads isn’t a business at all. It’s just someone with a dream and nothing to show for it. You have to get this part right.


What exactly will you do with Event Finder?

Find Events That Hire Speakers Like You


Contact Events So They Hire You


Build A Team To Book Gigs For You

Nothing great happens by putting this off.

You must learn how to get yourself on stages. And how to get yourself on stages consistently.

What’s inside Event Finder?

Step by Step video breakdown so you can see it in action

Over 10 Hours of training 

This is an extremely detailed prospecting system that will get you on stages consistently so listen very closely

Event Profile Creator 

This will guide you on the steps to take for creating your ideal event profile…just in case you’re not sure yet

Finding Events Document

Once you have this, you’ll never have to ask ‘how do I find gigs’ anymore. You’ll have a checklist

Email Templates

Use these templates so you know exaclty what to say instead of trying to figure it out yourself

Contacting Sequence

This is the exact sequence you’ll follow to contact the events to get them to respond to your email

Follow Up Templates

The money is made in the follow up. So you get templates that show you what to say

Description of the training:


Prospecting: Finding events part 1:

We go into detail about how to find events

Prospecting: Finding events part 2:

No stone is left unturned. You’ll know how to find events


Contacting: What to say to get hired:

You’ll know exactly what to say to so people want to hire you

Building an event team to get gigs for you:

This is how you get people to book speaking gigs for you

Live demonstration of the system in action:

See exactly how the system is getting gigs

Event checklist:

Use this checklist to find thousands of events every week

Email templates:

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use the templates we use to get booked

Hiring questions:

These are questions we ask people to make sure they can book events

LeadGen Live Mastermind Audios

(7 hours worth)

How to answer "We don't pay speakers"


Prospecting Pipeline:

So you can see the big picture of the steps to take

Prospecting Reviews:

Watch me break down another person’s process for getting gigs

Contacting Big Companies & Finding Their Events


Keeping Track Of All Your Leads:

You will get to a point where you can’t keep track of it all in your head

Full email conversation:

So you can see the entire process for how a gig was booked

Follow up emails:

To make sure you know how to stay in touch with people who can hire you

This program is no joke. You’ll build a full-blown system that fills up your speaking schedule consistently. And you’ll know exactly what daily activities to take the second you wake up.


Are these the exact templates you use to get booked?

Yes. These are the exact templates by me and several other speakers to book events.

What if I'm new to speaking and I don't have a great website or know what I want to talk about?
Either way, you still need to know exactly how to find & contact events. Whether your website sucks, or you don’t know your speaking topic, etc…one way or another, you’ll need to know exactly how to find & contact events to get hired. You might as well put all your systems in place today so when you’re ready to contact events, you’ll be ready to go.
What happens after I register?
After you’ve registered, you’ll be emailed your username/password to access a private members-only area. Click on your program (Event Finder) and you’ll have access to everything you need.
Can I download the videos/audios?
No. You can copy/paste the templates but you can’t download the program. You can access it on your phone, tablet, and computer.
If I do exactly what you describe, will I get booked?
Lets just say this, if you do everything and you DON’T get booked, you’re doing something wrong. This isn’t theory, this is literally how I get companies like Remax, AAA, Best Buy, Aflac, Furniture 1st, and more to hire me. It’s not something I ‘have done’ but something I am doing. It works. So if it doesn’t work for you, it’s because you’re doing something wrong…that’s just a fact.
Is this a lifetime access?
Yes. You have lifetime access to this program. Since this is a digital program, you can log in on multiple devices to listen.