Sometimes you need a kick in the butt to make sure you stay on top of your marketing (aka stop procrastinating). This is that kick in the butt…

(watch the video)

Not too long ago, I sent an email to a few people who got the Event Finder program and I ‘went off’ on everyone who invested in it.

I was literally pissed as I wrote the email.


Because people weren’t doing the work. Instead, I got emails from people who asked questions that were already answered in the program (it seriously has everything on what to do to get hired consistently) and if they would have done the work, they would have had the answer.

So I sent a ‘nasty email’ …and you can read/listen to the email in today’s video.

Sometimes I write funny emails, and sometimes I write serious ones.

This was a serious email that will give you a reality check if you’re procrastinating on the work.