There are times when I say I’m brilliant, and then there are times when I say I’m brilliant. This is one of those times.

Jason is a member of the SpeakPro Academy and he filled up his entire schedule by sending out an email.

You can watch what he did in the video.

Jason was having a hard time getting on stages. He had a great presentation, great website, great everything. But he was struggling to get on stages consistently.

Then I told Jason to do something (I talk about it in the video), and when he did it, he got connected like a mo-fo.

It’s a great idea for anyone who wants to get on more stages because very few speakers think about this…even though it’s right in front of their face.

I didn’t even think about it for awhile…and like I said…I’m pretty brilliant 🙂

It’s crucial that you learn to take advantage of everything in front of you.

The difference between the top guys and everyone else, isn’t that they have secrets.

The difference is that they see opportunities where others see…nothing.

And because I’m so brilliant, I helped Jason see an opportunity that anyone reading this can start doing immediately.