If you’re going to build your personal brand then you’ll need to do this one thing…if you don’t want to be called a scam artist.

Trust me on this, you will want to watch today’s video to make sure you’re not making a big mistake when building your brand.

A couple years ago, there was a big time guru who came up out of nowhere and almost everyone thought he was a scam artist.


Because he didn’t do what I talk about in the video.

Even today he’s not as big as the other gurus because he still has yet to do what I talk about in the video.

In fact, have you spent money on Facebook ads? If you have, you’ll notice a few people will comment on the ad “this is a scam”….why? Because they’re idiots.

People are extremely skeptical of gurus nowadays.

And if you don’t know how to destroy this skepticism then you’re going to make it harder on yourself when selling your programs, events, etc.

The solution is simple. It’s in the video.