I’m going to show you how Dean got a gig. This is a picture from our private Facebook group for SpeakPro Academy members (contact info has been taken out)…

After Dean used the prospecting process we go through in the SpeakPro Academy, he got this response:speaking-lifestyle-reviews-and-testimonials-dean

You need to understand that if you want to get on more stages, you MUST a process in place that works.

Most people expect to grow their speaking business without seeking help. And the problem with this approach is that you don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

Most speakers send an email by saying they speak about ‘X Y Z’. They contact someone and they never get a response. Well…Dean contacted people the right way, and here’s how he did it.

You have to think in terms of steps.

Imagine having a normal conversation with someone.

The first step is a simple ‘hello’).

When you walk up to a person, you don’t immediately tell them you like long walks on the beach, roses, red wine, and your dog Fluffy poops all over the place.

First, you say something to them, like “hi” and they respond back to you.

After they respond, you go from there and you tell them about your dog Fluffy and your cat Sugar Puff Puff.

Do you see what I mean?

You have to create your process for getting on stages the same way you engage in a conversation.

You have to have a process in place. You’ll always wonder why people don’t respond to your emails because without a process, you can’t get on stages.

Most people think paying for all the systems, training, and accountability calls is expensive.

But expensive is when you waste the years trying to figure it out yourself. You can’t get your time back so don’t waste it.