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You didn’t know this about me, but some people call me ‘Brilliant Boss Benji’. In fact, if you’re wondering where the BBB organization got it’s initials, it was from my nickname. (You’re welcome Better Business Bureau).

You’re about to watch a video that shows you how to create motivational content like a boss…

Not too long ago, me and a guy named John went around Las Vegas to create some content to use for motivational purposes.

And we did. (I’m not sure what the point of writing that was, but I decided to write it anyways…don’t judge me).

When you’re marketing yourself, you have to make sure that you’re always inspirational…no matter what you do.

You can speak about ‘cups’…but you better speak about those cups like they’re changing the world because that’s how you get people’s attention.

(Steve Jobs talked about phones and he inspired tons of people)

This video gives you ideas on how to create tons of motivational content to get more people to know who you are.

It’s not enough to just write a quote on your Facebook page, you have to step up your game.

So this video gives you 6 (or 7…I can’t remember how many) ideas on the types of motivational content you can create.