How do I film my content marketing videos? What’s the strategy behind it?

In this video, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the camera equipment I use, audio equipment, setup, everything.

If you’re filming content marketing videos then you can’t look like a scrub. And nowadays, video quality if getting better and better, so you need to keep up.

I’ve gone through multiple versions of filming content videos and this is the setup I like the best.

I don’t use Steven Spielberg to film for me or have Will Smith & Denzel Washington star in my content videos.

And I know you’ve been wondering if I spend millions of dollars on my content videos, but I don’t.

This new video shows you:

  • The video equipment I use
  • The audio equipment
  • The lighting
  • The structure, etc.

So if you’re creating content to market yourself, pay close attention to this video because I’m peeling back the curtain.

You don’t need to have connections like I have with Will Smith, Denzel, etc.

In fact, I told them to go find their own movies, and look at how well they’re doing…you’re welcome!

So if you want to see how I create & film my content then watch this new video