Hmm…how do I put this…

This is a recap on what happened when I hired my first ‘sales guy’ from craigslist to book speaking gigs for me.

Most speakers…actually…most people…want to hire someone to do the work for them.

Don’t feel bad, I used to think the same way.

I thought that I could just post an ad on craigslist and give someone a commission, and voila…gigs booked.

Nope. That’s not how the world works.

Before you hire someone to book speaking gigs for you, make sure you watch this video so you can learn from the mistakes I made and improve your chances.

You are responsible for every aspect of your business.

…Even when you hire someone who doesn’t work out.

And it’s crucial that you stop playing small. Stop thinking small. Stop acting small.

Watch this video and step up your game to play with the big boys…