What do you think is better… Pepsi or Coke?…Which one? Nobody cares. Now lets get to the point…

If there’s one thing I like most about Gary Vaynerchuk, it’s that he talks about me all the time.

Yes, in every video he says, “Benji Bruce is awesome”…if you haven’t heard him say it, then it’s because you’re losing your hearing.

But what else does he talk about? He talks about ATTENTION!!!

And it’s one thing to grab attention, but it’s another to keep attention long enough to convert it into sales. And that’s what this new video is about.

Powerful presenters have mastered the ability to grab, keep, and convert attention into sales.

Whether you’re doing a Facebook Live, Podcast, YouTube video, article, etc, you need to do what I talk about in the video.

There’s so much content out there that people tend to forget one major thing…it’s not about the content (muahahaha – evil laugh)