Gary is an ugly guy. And if Kim Kardashian taught us anything about this world, it’s that only pretty people should be successful.

So why is Gary Vaynerchuk so popular?

Here’s the theory:

(watch the video)

When I did a presentation at the VIP dinner for the Traffic & Conversion Summit, Gary Vaynerchuk was the big-dog speaker for the event.

And he’s a great speaker. He threw plenty of f-bombs and people loved it.

And do you know what he talked about?

He talked about how brilliant Benji Bruce is.

Ok, maybe he didn’t. But that’s what I heard him say…don’t fault me for hearing what I want to hear.

Gary talked about ‘grabbing attention’…and you know what?

(sorry Gary)

…It’s nothing new.

There were tons of people who gave more content, but none of them got paid 70-80k (I have it on good word that’s what Gary charges)

And although other people gave more technical talks than Gary, none of them had the audience in the palm of their hands the way he did.


What is Gary doing that all speakers can learn from?

If success doesn’t come from your looks, what could it possibly be?

The power of someone like Gary Vaynerchuck doesn’t come from giving ‘technical’ content, it comes from something that most speakers just don’t understand.

The speaking game is changing. At least something within the speaking industry is changing (you’ll see what I mean once you watch the video).

Dominate your market,

Benji Bruce

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p.s. I’m not bragging or nothing, but I got a standing ovation from my presentation

p.p.s. I assume Gary Vaynerchuk would respond to that by saying, “I’m not bragging either, but I got 80k for my presentation.” …Touché!