People are skeptical

Rank the world’s greatest physicists, Steven Hawking wasn’t even in the top 150 scientists
• Never won a Nobel prize
• Description of one of his books: “Stephen Hawking was the most renowned scientist since Einstein, known both for his groundbreaking work in physics and cosmology and for his mischievous sense of humor.”
• His contribution was that he got people interested in become scientists

Ray Kroc – not the founder, but said he was

Michael Jackson – King Of Pop
• Wouldn’t come out unless they introduced him right

50 Cent – Shot 9 times
• Wasn’t shot 9 times

PT Barnum – The Greatest Showman Of All Time

Dwayne Johnson – $7 left in his pocket
• He could have went to parent’s house

Muhammad Ali – The Greatest of all Time
• Mayweather isn’t in the conversation despite having the best record
• Don’t piggyback on someone else’s story

Control the story = control their actions
• People have to believe you’re going to get a specific result for them…
• Your story shows the results you GOT

Perception is everything
• Perception influences people
• Jamie Foxx name change (so he can get the open mic) (Eric Bishop)
• Story: I created list of previous dates/events to show as my schedule
• “Here’s the schedule for the previous year so you can see which dates are best to bring him in for.”
• Apple: phones sold out (why don’t they make enough?)
• Story: entertainer to speaker = increased rates
• Lady Gaga acted as her own manager
• Carl Ichan – Green Money

Story is created over time = REPETITION & REPUTATION
• Don’t tell me your story, show it
• A story isn’t a statement “I wanted to tell you a little about me…” …NO
• It’s not a story unless it’s backed up

People talk bad about you…
• If you don’t control the story, someone will
• Donald Trump is a master at this b/c he lies
“Crooked Hilary” “Lyin Ted” “Crazy Bernie” “Little Rocket Man”
• Not about the truth, it’s about what people remember
• It’s not as bad as you think
• Mobe (But they still made money)

Don’t hide tour story, control it
• My ‘about me’ story video …I control my story…what do you feature on your site?
• Wolf of Wallstreet
• Frank Kern sued by FTC
• They talked about it instead of letting people find out about it

Take a truth, exaggerate, get attention, & back it
• Ali wouldn’t be the greatest if he lost most fights

What do you want to be known for?
• Then gather proof for your story
• Ex: screenshots of results
• Your story should get people to buy/take action
• To get people to remember, make it simple
• Building a brand = problem you solve
• Speaker = proving an experience ‘best speaker ever’

Your story is told by backing it up with proof
• Ali wouldn’t be the greatest if he lost every fight
• Michael Jackson wouldn’t be the King Of Pop if he wasn’t great

In the beginning the story is about you, then you make it about them