If you see me in person, first thing you’ll think is, “Wow, he really is that pretty in person.”

The second thing you’ll think is, “He’s quiet.”

The smarter you get, the less you talk and the more you listen.

Why? Because you already know what you know, so just sit back and listen to other people.

I’m a strategist. I sit back and strategize like crazy, then implement like a madman. So here’s a little information about my content strategy for getting gigs:

(watch the video)

You constantly hear me talk about outbound marketing (sending emails, etc) but you rarely hear me talk about inbound.

Why? Because inbound & outbound marketing is like having two kids…you love one more than the other.

If you’re creating YouTube videos, writing blog posts, doing Facebook Live, etc, then you need to watch this video so you can get an idea of a strategy that works.

Once you have a strategy that works, just model it.

Here’s what I talk about in this video:

-A simple observation for creating content people love

-How I find content for my motivational speaking business

-How the Speaking Lifestyle content differs from my speaking business

-How pretty I am (ok…maybe I don’t talk about that in the video)