Hey do you produce content to market yourself?

If you do, you might be wondering… “At the end of all my videos should I tell everyone to watch all the Speaking Lifestyle videos from Benji Bruce and promote his business?”

And although I’m flattered…please…just do your thing.

But when you’re producing content, you might be wondering if you should focus more on ‘content’ or more on ‘entertainment’….where do you draw the line?

If you’re TOO heavy on the content, people’s eyes glaze over.

Why? Because they’re dummies.

If you’re TOO heavy on the entertainment, people enjoy it, but will they ever think you’re a genius like me?

Everyone talks about ‘create good content’ but they just leave it there. So this new video shows you exactly what to when you’re creating content to market yourself.

And btw…

Do you create content? Or do you send cold emails? Referrals? How are you marketing yourself?

Tell me about yourself and how you market yourself (yes, I’ll read it).