When contacting events… “Do I just submit a general request about what I have to offer along with a fee?”

This speaker wants to get his speaking schedule filled and he’s been prospecting. He built a list of people who can possibly hire him and the next step is to contact these events.

But how? How do you contact people to make sure you get hired to speak?

The answer is in the video.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to contact events. And if you do it the wrong way, you know what will happen?

It’s like guys who see a pretty girl and says, “Yo ma! You lookin’ good. Come over here with yo fine self.”

Most speakers contact people like that…without realizing it. And do you know what happens…?


And that’s the dangerous part.

When nothing happens, you’re not sure what you did wrong. People just don’t respond.

So in this Q&A, I talk about how to contact people to make sure you’re getting hired (and not saying ‘yo ma…come here’).