Who are we kidding…you and I both know that you love me more than your kids, spouse, and parents. Don’t deny it. Just accept it.

And I think you’re not to shabby yourself.

But right now, you’re about to love me even more.

This is the website I use to find companies all over the world (even by city/state) to hire me for their events.

You’re welcome.

You can send me the gifts, checks, and gummy bears later this week.

And the funny thing is that this website is probably something you already know about (no it’s no Linkedin), you’ve just never thought of it as a way to find events.

Not too long ago, someone emailed me and asked how I find internal company events.

It’s easy to find conferences that are open to the public, but how do you find companies that hire someone for their events?

And please, don’t tell your kids that you love me more than them. It would hurt them too much.

Lets just keep it as our secret.