“How do you get someone to book speaking gigs for you and you just give them a commission?”

The speaker who sent this email said that their last event was a year ago and they haven’t had an inquiry since then. Unfortunately, this speaker doesn’t want to do the marketing themselves and they would rather have someone else get them on stages.

If you’re similar…and you want someone else to book speaking gigs for you and you just give them a commission, then watch the video and get prepared for a virtual pimp-slap.

Awhile ago I was reading a book about building a sales team and it made a very interesting point. It said that you can’t find great sales people through job postings.


Because great salespeople don’t need a job….that’s why they’re great. They’re already making money and they don’t need to look for another job.

And the same goes for building a speaking business.

Great people (people that can really help build your speaking business) are hard to find. And lots of speakers would love to get someone to get gigs for them.

This new Speaking Lifestyle video answers the question of ‘how do I get people to book speaking gigs for me’