How many times have you contacted an event and they told you no?

Maybe they say, “We only hire industry speakers” or “No thanks” …they’re basically telling you to go shove it.

Here’s what I do when people tell me no…

(watch the video)

When people tell me they don’t want me to speak at their event, I think, “Oh no he didn’t.” (with the black-girl head movement)

And in this video, you’ll see how I respond.

If you do what I talk about in this video, you’ll get more gigs…guaranteed.

(And no…you don’t need to learn he black-girl head movement for this to work)

Most speakers give up too quickly.

If there’s an event that you really want to do then you can’t give up so quickly when they tell you no.

You have to think, “Oh hell no. You must be out of your mind for turning me down. You just wait buddy.”

Think about all the people who turned down Tony Robbins to speak…before he became ‘Tony Robbins’.

I bet they’re all thinking, “Damn. We could have gotten that guy to speak for free. Now we have to pay six figures.”

So when people tell you no, you need to do something about it.

Just watch the video and you’ll see what I do.