How do you build your own systematic process?

You either build or buy
• You can buy McDonalds or build from scratch

Worst way to wake up = not knowing how to generate revenue

Purpose of systems
Predictable results
How can I remove yourself?
Make it independent of any one person

My path…

Heard nothing but bad advice
• It’s all referrals (aka they don’t know)
• Find an agent/bureau

Saw a friend call out a phone book

Tested different ways to call/email
Figure it out eventually

3 step method for building million dollar systems in your business:

Step 1: The Spaghetti Start
• Try everything (throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks)
Story: Cold called, crashed events, cold emailed
• Send different emails, different subject lines, etc
“Subject: Motivational speaker” vs “(name of event)”
• I didn’t know which one worked until…I got booked
• When something works, reverse engineer it
• Go through the emails, how you found the event, etc
(is your CRM setup right to keep track of it all?)
• Try to duplicate your success
• Same subject line, similar conversation, etc

Spaghetti Start: Building online brand
Started creating content, email once a week, then daily, etc
Got first sale = Asked myself “How?”
Signed up to which lead magnet?
How many emails did they see b/f they bought?
What were those emails?

Your THINKING is also spaghettified
Not really sure what you’re doing
“Should I create content?”
“Instagram followers?”
“How do I convert leads to sales?”
Self Doubt – does this even work?

Step 2 – The Sponge Phase: Remove what’s useless, Keep the useful
• Bruce Lee Quote: “Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless. Add what is essentially your own.”
• It’s not what you add that makes a system perfect, it’s what you take away
• I changed my email templates (shorter, direct, curiosity)
• Added lead score to not waste time on events
….stopped spending time on conferences

Start paying for tools
Use money from your sales
Free CRM to Base CRM
Paypal to Samcart
Feedback is key – must know what to remove

The Sponge Phase: Building online brand
Stopped webinars, content-focused creation
Only sent emails to sell
Other methods worked, but wasn’t MY system
Recently stopped pre-made content for SL
Only Live videos
Frees up time for 30k & up workshops

Remove unnecessary thinking
“If it doesn’t add, it detracts” – Book Of Five Rings Miyamoto Musashi
Ex: “I need more instagram followers”
Ex: “People will get mad if I email daily”
Ex: “I shouldn’t promote too much”
Remove yourself – Hire people

Step 3 – God Mode: You see everything & optimize the details
• DISSECT YOUR BUSINESS (small details)
• Ex: Finding events faster (copy/paste minimal information)
…split screen, gamer mouse (idea from Helio)
• Ex: Sounding in-demand in email conversations
• Ex: Outbound calling? Phoneburner

You’ve reached this mode when you can describe everything in detail
You see how everything fits

God Mode: Building an online brand
Content is fast/easy
Sales funnel
Perfect lead magnet, email sequence, etc

God Thinking
Strategy & Tactics – Theory & Detail
Obsession sets in
Always improve

Gain More Knowledge (be your own coach if you can’t pay someone)
• Read books, etc so you know what to fix
• Can’t fix something you don’t know is wrong
• Modeling = what are successful people doing? (can you really see the backend?)

Keep the system open, ready to change
• Innovator’s Dilemma – success is your downfall b/c you fail to change

Make checklists, documents, etc
Ex: Facebook Live – Pic for thumbnail, do live, upload thumbnail, upload description, etc