How do you build your speaker brand? Like this…

When I was hired for an event in Finland, the guy said,

“Honestly, we almost didn’t hire you because we thought you were going to charge too much.”

(Hurray for me. I know the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’)(Sorry, I went off track…ADHD moment)

And they paid, in total, around $20,000 to bring me out there.

That’s the kind of image you want.

You want to build a speaker brand where people think you charge more than what you’re asking for (so you can get what you ask for).

(What you DON’T want is when you say, ‘$5,000’ and they tell you it’s too much. They’re basically saying you’re not worth it.)

But how exactly do you go about building your speaker brand?

How exactly do you build your image in a way that allows people to see you’re worth the price?