Work with me and my team

One-On-One Consulting

Talk with Benji Bruce once per week in 60-minute segments about your marketing. He will help you improve your marketing campaigns to generate more sales. 

$60,000 per year

We Build Your Brand

We rework your website, shoot a professional video, and design the graphics for your brand. Our team makes you look like a million bucks so you can grow your audience more.

Starting at $17,000

We Build Your Online Sales Funnel

We write the emails, create the opt-in pages, the sales pages, the ad copy, everything to make your funnel generating leads and sales.

Starting at $20,000

We Build Your Online Program

If you’re selling an online program then we build the backend for you. Our team will design your online program to fit your brand so you can focus on selling the program instead of the technical aspects of creating it. 

Starting at $10,000

We Create Your Content Marketing Machine

We help you produce your own show and create your content strategy to grow your audience. We then train you and your team to generate content in a way that produces sales while building your audience.

Starting at $15,000

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