It’s very important to know the reality.

Every day I get emails from people who want to market themselves and share their story with the world.

That’s great and all, but your reality has to match up with your dreams. You have to move fast.

Yesterday we had our first session for Industry Icon and we are going to have tons of sessions inside the group.

Immediately afterwards, Bryan posted what he got done.

And this morning, a few other members like Pamela and Shawn posted what they got done too.

That’s how your life changes. Speed of implementation. You wait for nothing and nobody. You get out of your own way and act…fast.

Most people wait because they think they need all the answers before they start. But it’s impossible to see all the way to the end.

Did you know when Bill Gates was building Microsoft, his business partner Paul Allen asked, “How big do you think we can make this?”

And Bill Gates said, “We can probably get up to 35 programmers.”

Say WHAT???

Even Bill Gates couldn’t see how big they were going to get. And if you’ve heard stories about Bill Gates, you know he’s a competitive genius.

Speed of implementation is all about how fast you go from ‘here’s what I know I should do’ to ‘done’.

It’s why I decided to focus on implementation with Industry Icon rather than just letting people watch the videos.

Just remember, go from ‘I know’ to ‘done’ as fast as possible.